Artist FAQ's

This photo shows the format for each sticker sold through this program:

If I grant permission to a retailer to use my artwork to promote the resale of the stickers they purchased from me, does that mean they can make more stickers (or shirts or mugs or anything else) with my artwork on it?
No, your permission does not authorize the retailer: (i) to sell or manufacture additional products bearing your artwork, whether stickers or any other product type and whether printed-on-demand or otherwise; (ii) to sell a digital copy of your artwork; or (iii) to use your artwork in any way that is not in connection with the resale of the specific sticker(s) originally purchased from you.

If I grant permission to a retailer to use my artwork to promote the resale of the stickers they purchased from me, can they sell or make print-on-demand products with my artwork on it?
No, your permission does not authorize a retailer to sell or manufacture new stickers or any other product printed with your artwork, whether printed on demand or otherwise.

The below examples show the type of assets we would share with the retailer to promote the resale of purchased stickers, if you grant permission:

Can retailers sell the stickers they purchase from me on their websites?
Yes, after a retailer buys stickers from you through Retail Ready, they can resell them in their physical brick-and-mortar locations as well as online through their e-commerce sites.

Does this program prevent me from selling the same designs outside of Redbubble?
No, there are no exclusivity parameters around works you sell on Retail Ready.

Will all of my designs from my marketplace shop get moved over to Retail Ready?
No, stickers included in the Retail Ready program are curated internally based on the trends and needs of the retail market. Only a select number of Redbubble marketplace works are eligible for the program. The quantity of artwork selections on the Retail Ready is immensely smaller than on the marketplace.

What is the base price the stickers will sell for (barring sales, incentive price etc.)?
The base price for a pack of 25 stickers is $41.25. The minimum order quantity for retailers is 5 packs.

Does the sticker include the name of the artist?
Yes, every sticker displays information on where more of your products can be found, including your Redbubble shop name. :)

Where are the retailers located?
At this time, the Retail Ready Program is for United States based retailers only.

Will my Retail Ready sales be shown or included on Redbubble marketplace account Sales History?
Retail Ready transactions are separate from your marketplace transactions.
If you’ve made a Retail Ready sale, you will not see those transaction details on your marketplace dashboard.
Please see below table for details on payment schedule: 
Stickers sold to retailers during
Artist payment made before
March 2022
30th April 2022
April 2022
31st May 2022
May 2022 30th June 2022

Where do I update my payment details?
We use the same payment details as you have set up for your Redbubble Artist Profile (Paypal/banking info, etc). Please ensure you keep these current.

Tax Facts 

  • Redbubble Retail Ready has the obligation to collect sales tax, not the artist.
  • Artists participating in Redbubble Retail Ready sell only to retailers who are tax exempt from US sales tax and have provided a resale certificate in connection with their purchase.
  • Artists are not responsible to collect sales tax.
  • Income tax is separate and completely different from sales tax.
  • Artists are responsible for their own income tax.
  • Redbubble Retail Ready is not legally able to give any income tax advice whatsoever, so we ask that you seek income tax advice on your own. 
I've received an email requesting I sign a Letter of Agreement for the program, but I don't have a printer or any means to e-sign, what can I do?
Please let us know right away if you are having any challenges signing the Agreement Letter. We have the ability to send you the letter via DocuSign upon request. Email us at and let us know if you need a DocuSign version of the letter

Can I opt-out of the program at any time?
Yes, absolutely. You may opt-out at anytime by visiting our Opt-out & Unsubscribe page.